Incorporating Nordic Style Into Your Home

One of the most well-known interior styles is Nordic and Scandinavian style due to its minimalist and simplistic approach. Despite its development in the early 1930s, many of the core design ideas that make up Nordic and Scandinavian style can still apply to designers today. Porcelanosa has created many products that can fit into this design style – including bathroom vanities, floor and wall tiles, and kitchen cabinetry designs.

Neutral Colors & Natural Materials

Many interiors inspired by Nordic style have simple and neutral color palettes. The main interior color is typically white, with accent colors including grey and beige. In many Scandinavian countries where daylight was limited, a bright white interior could make a room feel spacious and luminous. Nordic styled homes also feature natural materials – such as light wooden floors, wooden accents in furniture, and natural stone and metal elements.

If you’re looking to recreate this look, try using Porcelanosa’s Par-ker® wood porcelain tiles as an accent on your floor or wall. Porcelanosa’s Parker tiles feature a wide range of colors and textures and combine them with the benefits of porcelain tile. Par-ker tiles require less maintenance than real hardwood, are available in multiple sizes, and won’t fade over time due to elements like sunlight and weather.

Functional Furniture

Furniture in Nordic styled projects is made with clean lines and simplistic designs, yet is still incredibly functional. Porcelanosa’s Minim and Bevel vanities are perfect examples of simplistic and functional design. While both vanities feature sleek exteriors, they also have internal storage areas that allow users to organize and conceal their items within them.

Porcelanosa has also developed kitchen models that can be customized to fit in with this design motif. Porcelanosa’s Emotions Kitchen in E3.60/E6.60 – Blanco Glass, Roble Alba features an expandable KRION® countertop that can be tucked away into the kitchen’s island when it is not needed. Porcelanosa’s Evolution kitchen model is another kitchen design that can be expanded or set into a compact state depending on their needs. Either of these kitchen models can be altered with different colored finishes to fit in with your home’s design.