How To Renovate Your Bathroom

By definition, bathroom remodels can demand a significant investment because of the labor involved with plumbing, tile, and cabinetry installation. Yet along with kitchens, they can produce stunning results that can literally alter your outlook and lifestyle. Now that spring is upon us, we have spring cleaning on the brain – quite literally!

Here are some ideas for sprucing up your bath, no matter what your budget is.

Starting small? That’s where accessories come in. Try installing some smart new robe hooks from the Forma Collection, or a crisp, framed KRION® solid surface mirror, which also has matching clean, white floating shelves and stools – a color that evokes cleanliness itself. Even those with disabilities can find stylish solutions with the Hotels Collection grab bar, which includes a soap basket attached so the accessory looks more sculptural and less utilitarian.

The next step up in a bath renovation might be changing out the sink faucets – a move that can instantly refresh the entire vanity. The minimalist-minded might choose the sleek Forma faucet, while those who prefer a more curvilinear style could go for the flirty Mood. Looking for a more transitional approach? Try the two-handled Chelsea Widespread faucet with classical lines.

Now, if that inspires you to change the entire vanity, Porcelanosa has that category covered – especially in line with recent trends that suggest console and floating  styles are all the rage. The Hotels vanities offer beautiful consoles, both elegant and understated. Another console style, the Vintage, is a good vehicle to let the wall tile behind it stand out against its natural stone sinks and countertop.

The Smart vanity, moreover, is a floating all-in-one unit that includes counter and sink with ample drawers; aptly named, it’s a smart addition to any modern bath design. If you’re looking for a sharp profile, the floating Edge offers a handsome combination of wood and metal with marble and stone counter options. The Spirit is streamlined and sculptural – an installation that will have you looking forward to each time you wash your hands.

If you’re in the mood for a total bathroom rehab, then you can start thinking big, and consider adding a gorgeous soaking tub or shower design. Our spring catalogue is full of ideas for the bathtub, such as the rounded Tono freestanding tub and the earthy Menhir Italia Antracita, which has its own tabletop attached.

In the shower, we can help you avoid the pain of cleaning soap scum from tile grout in the shower with our beautiful shower trays, like the Menhir stone tray – made completely out of stone and is one unit of uninterrupted beauty.

As for new tile, there’s really no limit to Porcelanosa’s huge variety for the bath – whether it’s porcelain, natural stone or mosaic. If you’re looking to recent trends for guidance, we’re seeing a proliferation of warm, understated hues that naturally suggest wood looks or stone. Try a wood-look porcelain tile like Manhattan Maple for flooring, and pair it with either the textured Lexington Maple wall tile or the Airslate Forest stone. Bold marble is another trend setter, including the eye-catching Nairobi Gray Pulido. Whatever look you’re after, our bathroom inspiration gallery can lead you in any direction for your bathroom remodel.