Hexagon Tiles Add Character To A Room’s Decor

Update walls and flooring and choose on-trend tiles in unusual and fun shapes like hexagons, chevrons, arrows and other geometric designs. Whether transforming an entire home or updating one wall, by choosing complementary or contrasting patterns an entire room will shine rather than just the room’s décor.

Hexagon tiles are one of the newest trends in geometric tiles and are an outstanding way to make a statement. Small hexagon tiles are generally used in backsplashes while some of the larger patterns are excellent choices for the floor.

The Amsterdam collection offers a modern yet playful look with a whimsical pattern running playfully through the hexagon shapes. The collection, consisting of pieces in white, beige, and grey, includes 2D and 3D tiles that can easily add movement to any design. Offsetting the Amsterdam Hexagon White tiles with our stunning Downtown Grey Payne hardwood is a bold solution to decorating a small room or reading nook. For a more rustic look in a hexagon tile, consider the Amsterdam Hexagon Grey BPT with its minimalist pattern is also ideal in high-traffic areas.

Not to be missed are the colorful Worn Hexagon Verdigris tiles with their stunning mottled teal-and-grey color pattern. The astonishing beauty of Verdigris tiles is art enough for any room and eliminates the need to add additional design accessories.

Like all geometrically-shaped tiles, hexagon tiles are versatile enough to use in any room and design patterns are endless as decorative and unique patterns are easily created.

Hexagon Shapes are the New Square

Colors Aluminum Chocolate offers a smaller profile hexagon in an earthy chocolate brown color. The delightful honeycomb pattern is warming yet edgy and makes a great statement piece, while its copper glow adds a refined touch to the room. This gorgeous collection is also available in Crimson, Nebolous, Pepper and Jean colors.

You might also like a three-dimensional tile like Gravity Aluminum 3D Hexagon Rose Gold. 3D tiles add luxury and originality to a room while their texture and shape create a modern, sophisticated feel and adds depth and style.

Trendy black-and-white or monochromatic kitchens would do well with an elegant marble hexagon backsplash in white, or in black with bold white grout lines to offset the black finish and contrast with cabinetry and appliances. Mixing and matching hexagon tiles in various shades is also quite gorgeous and can be designed to fit with any décor. Are you looking for a chic or glamorous look? Consider smaller tiles and for a bolder look, choose larger format tiles.

Evoke Form Silver is a lively translucent glass mosaic tile which will be the focal point of your room as it instantly adds character. Glass tiles are durable, water resistant and also easy to clean and maintain. The reflections and color that glass mosaic tiles add to a room are stunning as the light dances around the room.

No matter which hexagon shapes appeal to you, hexagons are here to stay – so have fun creating the design of your dreams.