Hardwood: Beautiful Finishes with Visual Depth

Synonymous with beauty and warmth, hardwood flooring encapsulates the timelessness of fine wood.  Porcelanosa offers a wide selection of eco-friendly hardwoods, engineered to ensure maximum functionality and superior design appeal.  Our selections are divided into various collections and are available in a host of finishes and colors.  Enhancing the visual appearance of any space, our hardwood is an exemplary choice for both interior designers and homeowners alike.

Raising a room’s decorative elements, hardwood’s innate elegance increases depth and added dimension.  EDEN 1L WENGE immediately draws the eye upward as a dramatic focal point in a space. Hardwood can be easily incorporated in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Darker tones evoke refined masculinity and sophisticated glamour, while creating a more formal appearance. CLASSIC IBANO LUXOR is both visually stunning and quite inviting. Instill high-style to your home by pairing our sleek hardwood flooring with white walls and furnishings.

Lending itself to design versatility, our natural hardwood parquet radiates warmth and simplicity.  ADVANCE 1L BLANCO fashions a fresh and modern look, which provides a smooth transition from room to room.  Interior designers opt to pair lighter wood finishes with glass lamps and metallic light fixtures to better achieve a chic appearance.  EDEN 1L LIGHT GREY’s natural color and grain patterns provoke a sophisticated and airy feel while its rich surface intensifies the visual appeal of a space.   Our hardwood’s pronounced variations in grade and color deliver a striking design aesthetic for any home.

Serving as a room’s focal point, the choice of flooring is one of the most significant elements in interior design. MINI EDEN 1L CAMEL complements a room’s décor by enhancing its clean lines and greater symmetry.  Instill balance by adding softer fabrics and airy textiles. Offering a seamless look, our hardwood finishes are a luxurious choice for any open space.  LEGEND 1L NEUTRAL’s quality finish and superior construction is a popular trend among architects and interiors designers today. Assured to coordinate with any design style, the natural characteristics of hardwood are both charming and intriguing.

From exotic and stained woods, to brushed and aged hardwoods, our exclusive series is a quintessential choice for floors and walls in both residential and commercial projects as well as high-traffic areas.  Classic in its approach, Porcelanosa’s artistic floors are easy to maintain, incredibly durable and instantly add value to your home.  Beautiful and timeless, our hardwood flooring provides polished sophistication and visual depth to any space or design.

Written by Anne Fava


A graduate of The College of Charleston and Universidad Veritas, Anne Fava began her career on Capitol Hill and now hones her writing and editorial craft penning lifestyle content, for local and national brands. Her greatest passion lies in the art of interior design and creating warm spaces for inspired living. As the wife of a general contractor, she and her husband are always on the hunt for their next big project where she can experiment with the latest architectural and design solutions. Anne lives in Severna Park, MD, with her husband and two young children.