Guest Blogger Kate Arends of Wit & Delight: Powder Room Remodel

PORCELANOSA has partnered with Kate Arends, creator of the lifestyle site Wit & Delight to bring readers a blog series dedicated to interior design and home décor ideas, bringing you everything you need to know to live a life well designed.

Hello there! I’m excited to be over on PORCELANOSA for the next couple months. It’s a fitting time to be talking décor, as my husband Joe and I have taken on the monumental task of renovating our historic Minnesota home this summer. Planning one room remodel is enough of a headache! But an entire home renovation? We’re quickly learning that’s another monster entirely.

One of the biggest challenges in our space is the lack of bathrooms. We have a 3 bedroom, 1 full-bath house, with no powder room on the main floor. The one bathroom we do have hasn’t been updated since the 1940’s. There are some redeeming qualities, like the vintage brass fixtures, but my husband has to duck to fit under the shower head, the tile has been soaking up water, and we have a dated stain glass window that doesn’t really go with our aesthetic. So, my most recent obsession has been searching for décor inspiration for the dated space. Looking to other homes and other people’s projects for inspiration, I’ve comprised a list of dreamy essentials to create the perfect bathroom.

First and foremost, this room has to be a place of escape and relaxation. Imagine: calming tub soaks and pampering spa days at home. Secondly, it needs to hold all of our STUFF. From the get go, I’m looking for inspiration that infuses equal parts function and beauty, starting from the ground-up.

Scrolling through image after endless image on Pinterest, I found myself repeatedly drawn to clean, airy spaces. I found that many of the bathrooms I liked featured light, and neutral palettes with some contrast, whether in the form of black painted cabinets against an otherwise all-white room, or a clawfoot tub in an unexpected color or mosaics as accent walls. Choosing bigger tiles in smaller bathrooms will make your room look bigger thanks to less grout lines dividing the walls (and a major plus is that less cleaning is involved!). I love PORCELANOSA’s Carrara Creta Blanco, a part of White Tile Marble collection, for a clean selection that would look just as great as flooring as it does on walls. Imagine white marble floors spilling into one marble accent wall. Marble tiles also offer less maintenance than real marble, realistic finishes and minimum grout joints.

Because of this tile’s bright white color, I love the idea of adding in a darker neutral for contrast. Cover the remaining walls with Baltimore Gray tile for an option that provides a nice contrast without compromising the room’s light neutrality. Mixing white marble tile with this tile, which resembles cement, will add to the room’s visual interest by mixing both color and texture.

Incorporating stark black and white accents like black wooden cabinets or a modern freestanding white tub (I like the Koan or Almond made out of Krion solid surface, warm to the touch with a stone type finish) will add more contrast throughout the room, drawing the eye in. Adding matte black or chrome hardware gives the room a modern update.

Once the walls, flooring, and hardware are taken care of, all that’s left is to fill the room with all those little things that make it feel more like home. Choosing linens and other bath accessories in soft pastels (think peaches, muted pinks, or sea glass greens) will add just the right pop of color. It will liven up the room without overwhelming the otherwise neutral palette. Or, if you prefer to stick with a colorless look, opt for a black and white towel set with an interesting texture or pattern.

Do keep accessories to a minimum, though. The room should feel clean and clutter-free. You don’t need much; your walls will do most of the talking. For a powder room that’s as calming as it is inviting, think less is more and stick to just the basics.

Stick around next month for more home décor advice.

Kate Arends wears many hats: blogger, product developer, branding consultant, designer. In 2009, she founded Wit & Delight, a lifestyle blog that has garnered a tight-knit following with an edited yet approachable point of view on decor, fashion, and entertaining. The website has since broadened it’s focus to include mental health and wellness topics. In 2014, she introduced a limited-edition line of products with Target Corporation. Kate is a proud resident of St. Paul, where she resides with her husband, Joe Peters, and their sweet English labrador, Winnie.