Guest Blogger Kate Arends of Wit & Delight: How to Incorporate Engineered Hardwood in your Living Space

PORCELANOSA has partnered with Kate Arends, creator of the lifestyle site Wit & Delight to bring readers a blog series dedicated to interior design and home décor ideas, bringing you everything you need to know to live a life well designed.

As you are well aware, I recently finished a pretty extensive home remodel; updated kitchen, living room and basement. The past month has been amazing, not only to be in my own home, but it feels like a fresh start. I also must admit, I’m starting to worry that I am addicted to demolition and change! I made a promise to Joe that we would leave the house alone (for a little while, at least), so I’m setting my sights on an update to the off-site Wit & Delight office.

I’ve already shared with you my design aesthetic, what I like to called “Livable Modern”, and in my style, hardwood plays a large role. Hardwood floors were one of the “must haves” Joe and I wanted for our home, and in our case, we were able to utilize the existing floors (after a bit of work). What about those not lucky enough to have pristine hardwood floors or discover original flooring underneath rugs? I have the answer: engineered hardwood.

Porcelanosa’s Engineered Hardwood Collection offers a vast selection of natural hardwood parquet to fit within just about anyone’s aesthetic. What I absolutely love about Porcelanosa, is they offer a range of eco-friendly hardwoods from different types of trees in a host of finishes and colors. ­

The images above, and their descriptions below, are some of the options that I am considering for Wit & Delight’s off-site office. Unfortunately, one never finds original hardwood floors underneath concrete.

Eden 1L Polar
My dream! I absolutely adore grey wood floors. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but perhaps they remind me of old barns and airy country kitchens. I was this close to painting my own wood floors light gray, but was (mercifully) stopped by Joe. I may have achieved the right color, but the maintenance? No way. The beauty of engineered hardwood, is that it is low-maintenance, which is certainly something I can get behind.

Eden 1L Wenge
On the opposite end of the spectrum, the almost-black hardwood floor. A floor this color would ground the space, and the hardwood texture ensures a warmth to the space, no matter what direction I went with décor. The inky color would juxtapose quite nicely with the furniture that is already in the office; picture bright white chairs and tables. The high-contrast color scheme would satisfy my Modern sensibilities.

Classic Ebano Luxor
This choice is a bit of wildcard, I admit, but I’m obsessed with the big textures of this flooring. Joe and I traveled to Europe for our honeymoon, and stayed in a few really magical rooms, all that seemed to have this same texture. I love to personalize a space with items and products that not only are beautiful, but have a personal connection. It would be lovely to have a constant reminder of that special time on a day to day basis.

There you have it. Three options, all would pair nicely with my “Livable Modern” vibe and existing furniture. The hard part isn’t picking one, but determining where the other two options will go.

Kate Arends wears many hats: blogger, product developer, branding consultant, designer. In 2009, she founded Wit & Delight, a lifestyle blog that has garnered a tight-knit following with an edited yet approachable point of view on decor, fashion, and entertaining. The website has since broadened it’s focus to include mental health and wellness topics. In 2014, she introduced a limited-edition line of products with Target Corporation. Kate is a proud resident of St. Paul, where she resides with her husband, Joe Peters, and their sweet English labrador, Winnie.