Malaga Aqua

Malaga Aqua

Malaga Aqua

Get the Look with Stunning Feature Walls

A feature wall is the perfect way to update a room without redesigning the entire home. It can be challenging to dream up with an inspired design. While an easy solution would be to add a bold paint color to a wall, we’d like to encourage you to consider adding a feature wall. Do you prefer color, shapes or textures?

White feature walls can be gorgeous if there’s texture or movement in the tiles. Certain shapes, like hexagons or prisms, create the feeling of movement and 3-D tiles will feel like they’re popping right off the wall.

Imagine installing a teal-colored feature wall like the Malaga Aqua in a master bath. The simplicity of the rectangular tiles is stunning and adds flair the room wouldn’t have otherwise. Paint simply can’t duplicate this striking effect. You’ll feel like you’re in the Malaga, Spain aquarium with this unforgettable color reminiscent of the sea.

The Malaga product line is available in yellow, grey, green, beige, blue, white and pink. A wide variety of colors is offered for every season and reason. Shown here is the Malaga White porcelain tile blended with PAR-KER® Manhattan Colonial. White feature walls enhance the natural lighting while providing a fresh, cool, spacious feeling to the master bath’s wall and shower enclosure. You’ll never go wrong blending porcelain and wood-look tile together.

Here’s a fun solution for an easy-to-make change to a living room. Pop a feature wall above the fireplace and voila, the wall now resembles a work of art! The Metal Bronze Mini 3D Cubes are an ideal way to capture flickering firelight and create a unique ambiance. Guests will be eager to touch the wall and recreate this inspired look in their own home. Given the popularity of the color grey, these 3D cubes are also available in Anthracite.

For a less colorful option, consider XTONE Lush White. Feature walls with XTONE tiles are always a conversation-starter. The large-format tiles offered in the XTONE line are ideal for crafting a seamless look around the fireplace. XTONE performs better than quartz, marble, granite and other common surfaces. It’s easy to maintain and is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, heat and burns. It’s also available in 18 other patterns.

Tiny hexagonal tiles can make just as bold a statement as large ones as shown in this striking Forest Slate tile. The fine, elegant set of hexagons emulate natural stone and radiate a rustic sense. The faux paint added to the upper wall sets off the beauty of the Forest Slate perfectly.

How about a “feature floor”. If you love a vintage look, consider Deco Harlem Caliza intermingled with Harlem Caliza for the floor and accent it with PAR-KER® Liston Oxford Acero wall tiles. Blending the new with the old is the perfect way to add charm and unique flair to your room. Porcelanosa’s vintage tiles resemble antique European tiles with their patterns and colors. They create a sense of timelessness without losing their sophistication and high-quality look.

Feature walls offer a sense of comfort and inspiration and beautifully decorated rooms will create a sense of joy and well-being. If you see a tile design that you like on our website, you can order a free sample to be delivered to your home.