Feel the Possibilities with a Sintered Stone Countertop

Thinking about adding a Sintered stone countertop to your kitchen or perhaps a Sintered stone worktop to your outdoor entertainment unit? Think XTONE. It’s ideal for direct contact with food, doesn’t release volatile organic compounds (VOC) and prevents bacteria growth—this means it’s ideal for your kitchen! So, go ahead and torch that Crème Brûlée, dice those veggies, knead that bread dough and don’t worry about staining the worktop! XTONE is also fire and temperature-resistant so laying a hot utensil or ice cold pitcher of tea on the Sintered stone countertop won’t alter its performance. And, no special chemicals are required to clean up spills or stains.

Why XTONE? Because it’s a “sintered stone”. It’s made from a special blend of purely natural minerals, then perfectly packed together without the use of resin binders to form large slabs of varying thicknesses in a range of colors.

As an example, consider the timeless beauty of a design featuring Aria White Nature on the countertop and Liem Grey Silk on the cabinets. Aria’s majestic, polished white marble with deep grey veins offers a highly reflective shine and is a showstopper with its classy look. The complementary cabinetry balances the Sintered stone countertop beautifully.

Bottega Caliza is another gorgeous tile ideal for a Sintered stone countertop. Note that it’s also scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. Given that kitchens are the ideal place to entertain, you’ll have no worries that your countertop will be damaged. The firing process used to make Sintered stone lends durability to XTONE products. Sintered stone countertops are more durable than granite as they resist scratching, chipping and general wear and tear. Many color options and patterns are also available.

A Sintered stone countertop is also easy to clean as the firing process creates a glaze that makes the material waterproof. Whether you choose a light color like Liem Grey Silk or a darker one like Liem Black, you’ll find Sintered stone is a snap to clean with warm, soapy water. Liem Grey is crisscrossed with white crystalline veins that continue from one sheet to the next and Liem Black is a rich, deep grey marble with fine branched veins. The beauty of XTONE is due to the large format of the sheets which are only 12mm thick and can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.

The technical features of XTONE lend itself to a wide variety of applications. You’ve seen it kitchens and it’s also ideal for outdoor use. Sintered stone performs well under all weather conditions. It’s nearly impenetrable which keeps fine dirt from being lodged in the surface; it’s durable, extremely hard, slip resistant and scratch resistant.

Designing your Sintered stone countertop, whether indoors or outdoors, will last for years. The large-format Sintered stone slabs create sophisticated, elegant and functional designs in every room. Creating an elegant, seamless look like those pictured here is a breeze with the help of the in-house Design Consultants at any of our showrooms.