Featured Product: The PURE Line

Square lines and clean angles are the inspiration for the new Pure Line. Consisting of an elegant range of solutions, the Pure Line includes exquisite and functional vanities, basin taps, shower taps and bathtub taps. All of the pieces in the Pure Collection have a modern and unique look to them due to their sleek, geometric accents.

Porcelanosa’s Pure Line includes a 32 in. washbasin, composed by straight ultra-thin lines and made out of high quality ceramics. The washbasin can be mounted on a wall or over black metal legs. This unique washbasin design features a white high-gloss lacquered drawer, which is situated below the basin. The drawer incorporates a matte black lacquered handle, matching the metal legs, and its interior is divided into compartments that add practical storage to the bathroom. Matching the asymmetric design is a vertical mirror, which has a matte black border with a rounded edge, to complete the set that will transform your bathroom into a modern and attractive space.

In order to make the bathroom a unique space, the Pure Line’s washbasins are available in different glazed finishes and allow the combination with a deck mounted or wall mounted mixer version. One of the most characteristic traits of the Pure line washbasins is their 5 mm ultrathin edge. This collection is manufactured with special ceramics of high impact resistance with a new formula that allows stylish thin design features. The result of this innovative material is a basin of the highest elegance, reinforcing quality aspects such as durability.