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Featured Product: Porcelanosa Facade Systems

Porcelanosa has developed some of the most advanced solutions in facade designs. With Porcelanosa’s rain screen exterior ventilated facades systems and bonded facade systems, users can choose from a vast selection of Porcelanosa’s porcelain tiles, X-Light and Urbatek tiles, natural stone slabs, and KRION® Solid Surface material to create their idealized building exterior.

Bonded Facades

Ston-Ker bonded facades merge the beauty of a high-quality porcelain tile finish with other important aspects such as its lightweight, superior resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, innovative design, and durability. The Ston-Ker bonded façade system, which has already made its mark as an exterior cladding system, looks set to revolutionize facades for a long time in the future. Download PDF on Porcelanosa’s Bonded Facade System.


Porcelain Ventilated Facades

A ventilated facade is a cladding system with an air cushion or cavity immediately behind which provides with a drainage, ventilation and thermal solution. It is usually an external cladding system mechanically fastened or bonded to a framework behind fixed to the external wall of a new or existing building. This ventilation allows for an exchange of air between the outside and the cavity behind the cladding panels, providing the solution for venting any moisture away from the facade, improving the thermal conditions inside the building and installing the insulation on the outside so to avoid thermal bridging. Download PDF on Porcelanosa’s Porcelain Ventilated Facade System.


XLight Ventilated Facades

XLight is a new type of extremely thin, large format porcelain tile, which is achieved thanks to the use of the latest technological advances in ceramic production. This material’s technical features make XLight the perfect ally for achieving fully integrated designs, allowing for the creation of facadesof great beauty, thanks to the collaboration of several companies from PORCELANOSA Group. It is available in two 1/8” thick formats, 118-7/64 x 39-3/8 “ and 39-3/8 x 39-3/8 “, back-reinforced with a fiberglass mesh that enhances the slab’s flexural strength. The large size of this type of porcelain tile, its zero water absorption, its resistance to atmospheric agents, its lightness with less than 10.5 kg/m2as well as its design, make the XLIGHT slabs an excellent solution for all types of facades. Download PDF on Porcelanosa’s XLight Facade System.


KRION Ventilated Facades

KRION® is a product that is solid, compact, pore-free, with uniform properties throughout its section, and which can be transformed to obtain figures and complex volumes. The KRION® surfaces employed by Butech / PORCELANOSA have high resistance to temperatures and chemical agents, are easy to clean and maintain, and offer warmth and beauty, making these solid surfaces ideal for the most demanding applications.

Unlike other materials used professionally, it can be injected, cut, machined, and glued, achieving invisible joints. This property allows designs to freely incorporate functionality and ergonomics criteria which would be otherwise difficult to obtain. Download PDF on Porcelanosa’s KRION Facade System.


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