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Entertaining for the Holidays

The holidays are a notorious time that most of us spend with loved ones, entertaining, and welcoming friends and family into our homes. Creating a warm environment is important and many love the joy of decorating and cooking. That being said, a kitchen becomes a hub for entertaining and conversation, cooking and eating.

Creating a functional kitchen is one of the most important factors that my clients request, especially for the purposes of entertaining. They have personal needs and specifications of how they want their kitchens to look and function. Many want an open floor plan that allows for interaction between rooms or open doorways to allow for easy movement from room to room, both of which are great for entertaining!

Engaging with guests seems to be at the top of the wish-list for most of my clients. Additionally, enough space for food prep is extremely essential and ideal especially when trying to pull off big holiday meals. Further, seeing as though organization and storage are critical components to creating a well- functioning kitchen, it’s important to invest in the correct kitchen accessories. Porcelanosa offers an array of unique accessories to outfit a kitchen that would maximize not only functionality, but aesthetic. The Utensil Holder, knife storage and cutlery canal keep clutter to a minimum and allows easy access for grabbing while cooking. I love the streamlined look of the Kitchen Canal and would love to see this used in one of my client’s kitchen remodel projects. Other options such as cabinet accessories and handles are available as well.

Spending holidays annually with both family and friends, I’ve come to understand the need for a well-functioning kitchen in terms of food preparation and the aftermath of clean up. Organizational components, such as the type that Porcelanosa offers, help to ease the job of cooking. As everyone pitches in for the clean-up effort, those same organizational accessories ease the task of putting things away. I’ve always referenced the ideal way to create and streamline organization is to put “like with like”.

Gathering in the kitchen during the holidays is a joyful experience and having a kitchen that makes you happy to be in is very fulfilling. I know from my experience working with clients, that a dream kitchen must be designed to suit their lifestyles. That way, the finished product will allow them to make lasting holiday memories to share over time with friends and family for years to come.