Mini Diamond White

What's Trending: Elements of White

The summer season gives the chance to enhance your space and let the light in. Adding elements of white to a room gives a cool, yet gentle touch. White brings simplicity to a room, and is complemented by natural lighting which creates a light and refreshing environment.
Certain tiles have simpler designs, but have an alluring gloss finish. The stone in our Persian White Pulido holds a natural and earthy tone. The gloss finish adds a hint of shine, which completes the look of any countertop or smaller home fixture.
The Manhattan Blanco takes a twist by taking the simple white color and mixing it with a unique and intricate pattern. This tile’s pattern is accentuated by a room’s natural lighting, creating an added brightness. The details also give contrast to the other components of a space.
Smaller white elements can also complement other colors in an area. The Mini Diamond White has a retro design with a matte finish that can give your home décor an eccentric look.
Plan a visit to one of our showrooms and choose the perfect style to keep your space bright!

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