Eco-Friendly Innovations in Kitchen, Bath and Tile

One of the few silver linings to this global pandemic is that the worldwide stay-at-home orders have resulted in a dramatic plunge in greenhouse emissions. Although it’s unclear whether this trend will last, we at Porcelanosa will continue, as we always have, harnessing the latest eco-friendly innovations to ensure all of our products are fabricated with the most sustainable engineering.

Porcelanosa’s manufacturing plants are equipped with features such as water-filtering and recycling systems, gas-burning technology, and equipment to reduce the depletion and contamination of natural resources. Many of our products, in turn, are themselves environmentally friendly:

Solid Surface

The entire KRION® line of solid-surface materials is two-thirds comprised of minerals—an abundant natural resource–with no harmful emitting chemicals such a BPA. It’s 100-percent recyclable and anti-bacterial, not to mention fire- and impact resistant. It’s also impervious to potent chemical compounds, so that even hair dye or nail polish wipe right off. The best part? Its applications are endless, because it can be heat-molded into any shape or style, including sinks, tubs, shower trays, countertops, vanities and custom furniture. It can even be backlit for dramatic wall installations, and with nearly 300 colors and patterns to choose from, your aesthetic options are wide open.

Latest in this line is KRION® Shell – a newly engineered mineral composite that’s the first solid surface material developed with recycled materials. KRION® Shell is nonporous and antibacterial, making it perfect for bathroom surfaces. The inner layer is made with natural minerals bonded with BioResina, or resin made with recycled plastic water bottles. The tough outer later is composed with an element called alumina trihydrate, which can be mixed with pigments to customize its texture and color. The inner layer is poured before the molded outer layer is completely dry, so they fuse together to create a highly durable and water-resistant product that can be used to create sinks, bathtubs, worktops, vanities and more. We’re convinced the environment can be improved if we all make small changes, so when a single 60”x36” shower tray employs the recycled equivalent of 350 water bottles, we consider Krion Shell to be part of that revolution .

Porcelain Tile

Our wood-look porcelain tiles are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, and besides the eco-friendly practices that guide their production, they don’t require the felling of trees. Of particular note is our Forest and Seedwood lines, which are crafted with 95-percent recycled material, therefore reducing 40 percent of carbon emissions into the atmosphere during their fabrication.

Bath Faucets

Porcelanosa’s bath faucets are manufactured using Cold ON technology, meaning the water flow defaults to cold water and doesn’t pull from your hot-water heater unless you expressly choose that setting. For single-lever faucets, that means you can only turn the handle to the left for the hot setting. This technology reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from hot-water heaters and boilers, and can save about 5,000 gallons of hot water per year. Even more important, these faucets provide built-in protection against burning and scalding, which is comforting for those taking care of small children or the elderly.

There are 14 faucet styles to choose from – a wonderful combination of beauty and technology:
• Traditionalists will appreciate the Chelsea collection, while the Mood offers an eclectic, sculptural look.
Forma not only includes the temperature control, but it’s built with a flow-rate limiter that reduces water consumption by nearly 60 percent.
• The Hotels hand shower uses the Air Eco system, which injects air into the waterflow, thereby reducing consumption and improving jet quality.


Our sleek line of toilets complies with the EPA’s WaterSense guidelines, which call for increased water efficiency through dual-flush controls. Our collection of free-standing toilets includes the Arquitect; NK One; Urban C; and Urban-Project.