Decorative Tile: An Old-World Inspiration for Modern Interiors

Porcelanosa is best known for its clean styling in tile, flooring, and kitchen and bath design, but oftentimes a dose of old-world design can add warmth to and even heighten the crisp feeling of a modern space.

We honor our heritage with several collections of decorative tile whose aesthetic origins began in Spain. The process of creating colorful handmade cement tile, known for both its beauty and durability, was first developed in Catalonia in the 1850s. The style achieved widespread renown at the 1867 Paris International Exposition and remained popular through the mid-20th century. It’s come back strong most recently, perhaps as a craft counterpoint to our computer age’s ever-expanding technology.

Top Left: Antique Silver Top Right: Barcelona D Bottom Left: Toscana Deco Bottom Right: Dover Antique

Collections such as Antique and Barcelona, plus the Toscana Deco and Dover Antique styles, offer a riot of pattern diffused through soft, neutral palettes; their comforting, vintage-like styles can enrich a sleek, minimalist interior. For a more dramatic effect, the large-format Deco Harlem Caliza can be used as accents in a field of solid concrete tile, or together to resemble an oversized rug or tapestry. The monochrome Sumatra can be similarly employed.

Left: Deco Harlem Caliza Right: Hive Square Grey

The Hive mosaic collection, meanwhile, provides a honeycomb of complementary solid shades mixed with sweet, nostalgic patterns. Those who are looking for more sophisticated design might opt for the Moroccan-inspired pattern combinations in Marbella, the Deco-influenced Bombay Nantes, or the white-on-white stylings of Deco Matt. The porcelain Basalt, meanwhile, produces a collage of geometric design and intricate motifs within a chic palette of black, white and gray.

Top Left: Marbella Stone Top Right: Bombay Nantes Bottom Left: Deco Matt Bottom Right: Basalt

It’s easy to see any of these patterns for yourself: Just order a complimentary sample to see how they could inspire and enhance your own space.