Create An Eye-Catching Design Using XTONE

There are some tile applications that demand a beautiful, clean swath of porcelain, uninterrupted by grout lines. Particularly when it comes to counter surfaces and wall treatment, large-format tile is the way to go, and our XTone collections are ideal for these purposes. With thicknesses that vary between 1/4″ and 1/2″, they’re light enough to hang on walls and incorporate into counters and tabletops. Their sizes range from 47” x 47” to a giant 60” x 129”. The material is resistant to stains, extreme temperatures, water, chemicals and heavy impact—making it perfect for kitchen, bath and outdoor settings.

Inspired by natural stone and marble, its finishes and colors range from subtle to bold, particularly among eight new introductions this season:

Choose Tivoli Beige or Carrara White for a muted yet classical backdrop. The Stuc collection now has two new styles – the Deco version features relief patterns for a hint of texture, while the Rock style offers a smooth, stone-like detail.

Shown: Tivoli Beige, Carrara White and Stuc Ice Deco

If you’re looking to make an impact, try the polished finish of Macauba Blue, whose deep blue veining against a paler blue ground can be bookmatched to span an entire wall. Those who love to make a color statement will also love the saturated greens of Alpi Verde and Calacatta Green. Calacatta Gold, meanwhile, amplifies the amber veins that can be found in the naturally occurring marble of the same name. With the XTone version, those colors pronounce themselves with flourish, and is available in three finishes – Nature, Polished or Silk.

Shown: Macuba Blue, Alpi Verde with Calacatta Green, and Calacatta Gold

Finally, there’s nothing more assertive than a dash of black in any room design. The polished Nylo Noir takes that concept to the next level, with slashes of brown and white criss-crossing the jet slabs like pencil marks. A wall of Nylo Noir paired with spare, neutral furnishings is the height of modern elegance.

Shown: Nylo Noir

To learn more about the benefits and beauty of XTone tile, check out our catalogue of styles, and more online inspiration right here.