Create Timeless Beauty Without Breaking The Bank

I often look to laminate flooring for many projects to add sophistication to a room without completely soaring above a designated budget. Porcelanosa offers a beautiful line of laminate products for flooring applications in a variety of rooms in and out of the home environment. It has the look of hardwood flooring just without the steep price tag that accompanies it. The amazing quality replicates the look of real hardwood and is applicable in both commercial and residential installations. Areas that receive higher foot traffic are especially good options for laminate. It’s easy to maintain and wear is much less apparent with laminate. Designers love laminate because of its versatility and durability. Along with being used as a flooring option, it can add a unique and luxurious flair as a wall treatment. It’s easy to sample with accurate color matching which is especially important when matching colors across a variety of surface mediums. Laminate can easily be used as a textural component as an accent or as a border with carpeting or tile.

I always derive inspiration from my surroundings and I am currently traveling on a cruise ship where laminate is highly visible in many areas of the ship’s interior. From lobby areas to hallways, on the dance floor in the main club, to the formal dining areas and common areas. I’ve noticed laminate applied to wall surfaces in almost all areas of both private cabins and public areas. Porcelanosa offers water resistant laminates too which is especially advantageous for areas like kitchen and bathrooms.

Porcelanosa’s Natural Collection is designed to look and feel like real wood which is ideal for a simple yet sophisticated upgrade to any room in the house. To create a classic, warm look I recommend the AC4 Endless 1L Queens, or the 1L Texas. Or if you’re looking for a more modern, crisp aesthetic, I would go for the AC4 Style 1L Mild or the AC4 LS 1L Casta O Sunset. As mentioned before, Porcelanosa also offers a unique assortment of waterproof options, which would be ideal for a kitchen or bathroom design. One’s that particularly caught my eye are the AC4 Wet Plus 1L Anthracite and the AC4 Wet Plus 1L Nut Brown.

Overall laminate has come a long way and is a great alternative to hardwood flooring. It gives the look for less and provides a beautiful installation for many spaces, both commercial and residential.

Jill Seidner is an interior designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in both commercial and residential interior design, as well as online design help for anyone, anywhere. She is actively engaged in the design community in LA and is also the Los Angeles blogger for the popular Material Girls Blog. She can be found via her portfolio site or blog along with social media handles, Facebook and Twitter.