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Why Should You Choose Quartzite Tiles?

Quartzite tiles have more to offer than their beauty of being made from natural stones. While quartzite does not have all of the qualities of marble, is has many similar qualities and still gives the same visual appearance as marble and other stones. Keep reading to learn more about quartzite!

One of the most incredible qualities of quartzite tiles are their amazing strength. Quartzite is a very durable rock, even in its most impure form. It is more rigid than marble and has a very thick surface, making it suitable for spaces that have a need for a stronger tile.

Quartzite also has a more unique texture than original sandstone. Unlike sandstone, quartzite is smooth with a marble like surface. It is not made from gritty materials, which is what gives it its suave feel.

Some of our most popular quartzite tiles are part of the Globe Brick series. This series contains tiles in a variety of shades. The matte finish on these tiles adds to the beauty of their natural elements, making them even more appealing.

Check out some of our Quartzite Tiles to incorporate into your next home design.