Can you tell the difference? Marble vs. Marble-Looking

Having a natural stone tile in your home is a prestigious honor and exudes luxury but, little do some homeowners know of the maintenance that is needed with a natural stone product. With this in mind, manufacturers including Porcelanosa have created a line of tiles mimicking the look of a true natural stone marble that require significantly less maintenance.


Real natural stone marble is beautiful and unique; no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Natural stone is heavier than that of a porcelain or ceramic tile and is extremely versatile in its application. However, marble is a porous material which means that it can get stained, scratched and show age easily. Due to this, it is recommended that marble not be used in kitchens and countertops.  Natural stone marble also tends to be higher in cost due to its weight and exclusiveness.

Should you have a mishap with your marble tile, it is strongly recommended that you call a stone restoration professional.  Because of the limited cleaning products for marble stains available to the general public, you may need to have an expert stone professional come on site to repair and/or refinish your marble. Both of these instances accrue additional time and costs.


A marble-looking porcelain tile is much more affordable than natural stone while providing easier maintenance. Porcelain is extremely strong and dense while also being frost resistant and highly resistant to stains scratches and moisture; allowing it to be installed in almost any application including kitchens and bathrooms. Also, with age, porcelain does not fade and can be cleaned with virtually any cleaning product on the market.

Porcelain tiles are colder to the touch than natural stone and should the unlikely event that a tile chip, porcelain tiles generally need to be completely replaced, whereas natural stone can usually be repaired.

Before you make your final decision, take a look and see if you can even noticeably tell the difference between the two. Manufacturers are becoming such pros at mimicking natural stone, you can hardly tell the difference. The only choice you have left to make is your preference on maintenance and price. No choice is wrong but, it is always great to have options!

Written by Krystal Pratt, PORCELANOSA USA