Architecture and Design according to Luis Vidal

Luis Vidal, one of todays most influential architects has based his studio, ‘Luis Vidal + Architect Associates’ on his perception of architecture being a ‘way of life’ and how to help people through the occupation of space. His studio has thrived and been recognized on several occasions since its 2004 opening, making his company a globally guided principle due to their functional and sustainable designs.

In addition to his own company, Luis Vidal, as a professor at one of Spain’s most influential architecture colleges ‘The Architecture College in Madrid’ believes in helping mold future architects and designers by encouraging them to strive for new ideas and inspiration.

One of Vidal’s most recent designs was a collaboration with ‘Rodger Stirk Harbour + Partners’ for Porcelanosa company ‘Noken’ on the new ‘Mood’ collection of faucets.

His success stems from his concept of seeing each space as unique. Vidal’s career mission is to contribute more into each project, to add experiences and possibilities to every design stating that “in the end, the final product is a lot better and it adds value to the process.”

Watch Luis Vidal’s video below, celebrating the 15th anniversary of  Porcelanosa’s ‘Noken’ where  he speaks about his architectural vision and what he thinks future bathroom designs will be like.

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