All About Raised Access Flooring

What is Raised Access Flooring?

Raised Access Flooring is a perfect solution for areas that need easy access to services that lie beneath the flooring, or need to easily and quickly replacement individual pieces. Unlike ordinary flooring, these tile panels are placed over various types of pedestals, and can individually be lifted in order to access the items stored underneath it.

Where are the ideal areas to use Raised Access Flooring?

  • Outdoor roofs, terraces, and patios
  • Areas that have cables, wires, pipes, or other hardware that need to be concealed
  • Offices and other high traffic areas

What are the advantages to using Raised Access Flooring?

  • Can create a completely flat surface, even if the surface underneath is not even.
  • Eliminates the need for the typical maintenance required for wood, natural stone and concrete outdoor flooring
  • Provides easy access to facilities and, where appropriate, repair of the waterproofing systems
  • Helps to improve the thermal insulation of the building
  • Reduces noise transmission – creating a quieter environment
  • Fast and more economical installation
  • Reduces the weight of the surface and makes waterproofing systems last longer

What tiles can I use with the Raised Access Flooring system?

Porcelanosa has an array of tiles that are suitable for exterior use, and that are able to be used with the Raised Access Flooring system. Visit your local Porcelanosa showroom to learn more about it, or contact us for more information.