Shown: Candy Clear

Add Spark With A Decorative Accent Wall

There’s nothing like an accent or feature wall to establish a room’s focal point or serve as a decorative frame for furnishings or accessories that would otherwise go unnoticed. Paint or wallpaper are frequently used to fill that role, but materials such as wood, stone or tile can add degrees of warmth, texture and tactility that you just can’t achieve with flat colors or patterns.

Shown: Glaze Wave Blue and Crystal Cream

There are many different directions you can go with wall tile to highlight an accent wall. Mosaics, with their lively pattern and color combinations, create movement and complexity. We love the flame-stitch effect of the Glaze Wave Blue and the Deco, pearly feel of Crystal Cream. And if you can’t find a pattern you like, consider going for a custom mosaic that’s all your own.


Shown: Wood Feel, Artisan 1L Coconut, and Noa-L Tanzania Almond

Another option is to use wood flooring or wood-look tile on the wall, which makes for a handsome backdrop in virtually any room of the house. The multi-dimensional Wood Feel accent tile looks fantastic either inside or out, and the soft, multi-hued Artisan 1L Coconut is a lovely rustic complement to modern furnishings. Another beautiful option is the Noa-L Tanzania Almond, whose diamond patterns add instant impact.


Shown: Rhombus Navy, Nazari Fes, and Nazari Marrakech

Color is a natural choice for a feature wall. A splash of it will establish both the palette and energy level for any given space, such as a bathroom or bedroom, kitchen or family room. We love the deeply hued Rhombus Navy, whose watery surface adds to the effect, and the Nazari line, including the pale-green Fes, soft-pink Asilah, and the bold orange Marrakech.


Shown: Faces S3 and S4 Negro, Amsterdam 3D Hexagon Grey, and Paradise Arrow Negro

A feature wall can be bold and sculptural, serving as the focal point itself rather than a backdrop. The Faces collection is a perfect example of this concept, whose bold, chunky tiles in variations of black, white, silver and gold would work well in a masculine bathroom, a modern dining room, or a cutting-edge media room. Other, more modest 3D patterns add movement to an otherwise neutral color scheme. Examples include the matte Amsterdam 3D Hexagon Grey and Paradise Arrow Negro; the mid-century vibe of Candy in clear, dark, gold and silver; and the jewelry-like bling of Prisma Bronze.

No matter your choice, an accent wall in tile, stone or wood adds marvelous character and complexity to your living space. And if you’re not completely sure about what you see on the computer screen, request some samples! We’ll send them directly to you for free.