Guest Blog: Clementine Daily-Approved Trends for 2016

Clementine-approved trends for 2016

The holiday season is a time of warmth, joy, and for the lucky among us – friends and family. As much as we love this time of year, we often find ourselves looking forward to the New Year and the opportunity that it brings for a refresh, reboot, and occasionally – a redesign.

At Clementine Daily, we have an annual tradition of using the New Year to refresh not only ourselves and our intentions, but also our home décor. We think it is one of the best ways to give yourself a feeling of renewal during the New Year, and also to allow yourself an opportunity to update your home with the latest trends.

To guide you on your path to a home décor reboot, we’ve put together a list of Clementine-approved trends for 2016:

Organic shapes

The minimalist trend we saw take over in 2014 and 2015 isn’t going anywhere soon, but this isn’t the minimalism of the past. The 2016 version incorporates organic and natural shapes and materials – think curves and beautiful rounded edges, inspired by organic shapes. This is minimalism with a warm, natural slant rather than the cold, stark minimalism of the past.  Embrace the trend by incorporating natural shapes into your furniture – we love the rounded slant of the stunning Tao Nature stools, a perfect pick for kitchens of any size, and the natural woven pattern of the Clever Cincha Arena chair, which uses mixed materials to create a unique take on everyday seating.

Incorporate geometry

Balancing out the influx of organic elements is the beauty of geometry, which works especially well when it comes to our floors and walls. Incorporating an interesting use of geometry through tiles and wooden panel floors give any room an interesting, design-worthy feel. To add geometric elements to your home, try alternating tile colors and shapes through Parker Porcelain Wood-Like Tiles in Chester Blanco or Chester Antracita or use an interesting tile pattern like the stunning Manhattan Gris ceramic mosaics in a bathroom. We love the alternating colors of this mosaic, which brings a subtle hint of texture and – dare we say it? Glamour – to what would be an otherwise plain wall.

Bring on the green

If you’ve been on Pinterest anytime in the last year, then you may have noticed that plants are playing a big role in home decor – particularly large, leafy greens like fiddle leaf fig trees. Rather than serving as an accent piece, large-scale greens are taking hold as home décor accessories in their own right. We love this trend and are excited to continue to incorporate greens into our homes in the New Year. To show off the natural beauty of your greenery, opt for neutral backgrounds that will help accent your plants. A Clementine favorite is Porcelanosa’s Natural Stone Tile in Capadocia Sand Home. This beautiful, elegant tile is available for both wall and floor applications, and would serve as a stunning base for a large palm. Consider this tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or even as an elegant take on standard living room flooring.

 How’s that for refreshing?  By following these top three home décor trends for 2016, you’re sure to guarantee yourself an inspiring start for the New Year. Happy decorating

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