9 Great White Tile Ideas for Decorating

Incorporating white as the main color scheme offers endless possibilities. Whether you’re inspired to create a heavenly cloud of white in a master bedroom, a tidy all-white bathroom or a minimalist great room, the crisp look of all-white décor can be enhanced when using different shapes and textures to create harmony, movement and balance.

Let’s look at one of the smaller rooms in a home: the master bath. Whether you have a traditional, modern, or even an eclectic decor, a quick way to get a wow bathroom is to use a wall tile like Soul Frost Pulido. Look at how stunning this bathroom wall is when it matches with the countertop and fixtures. The counter adds a pop of natural color to the bathroom, and the bright white walls and washbowls create the elegance.


If you’re thinking of something more pronounced, consider a 3D wall tile like Matt Mosaico Matt as it’s the type of wall that you want to touch! Also, note that it’s never necessary to tile an entire wall—feel free to choose a small section and create a unique feature wall!


Let’s look at a small room or space that’s often overlooked such as an en suite office. This is where you’ll want to consider using Retro Blanco which is a stunning white tile that reflects its surroundings while adding a playful feel to the room.


Another small area to consider upgrading might be a foyer or sitting area. Your decorative prowess will shine here! Essential Net Carrara is a simply beautiful mosaic tile. Notice how the woven look of the tile creates color and movement within the tiles and is fascinating. This unique net design is also available in silver.


All White Kitchen and Dining Areas

How about using Thassos Pulido to offset a rich, golden-brown countertop? All-white décor benefits from eye-catching color contrasts which bring warmth and comfort to this kitchen area. Starting with a white room as a blank canvas provides endless décor possibilities. Homeowners will love the clean, classic lines of a white kitchen and how it pairs well with every other color in the spectrum.


Carara Blanco Pulido is another tile that wows a room.  While this tile’s design has light, grey veins throughout it, fusing it into an all-white room helps to create a minimalist ambiance within the space. Adding shapely chairs and a striking pendant light will complete the look.


XTONE Kala White Polished may be just the tile you’re dreaming of! Kala is a tribute to the timeless beauty of luminous white marble with clear grey veins on a background of finer ones. You’ll fall in love with these large-format, extra-thin porcelain tiles. This stunning XTONE countertop also has XLIGHT wall and floor tile options that can be incorporated into a backsplash, flooring or feature wall to match the countertop. These tiles are practical and perfect for kitchens and countertops because they’re water-resistant, easy to maintain, resistant to stains, chemicals, heat, burns and scratches.

If you love the look of XTONE, consult with your Porcelanosa interior designer as XTONE is available in various shades and finishes.


White Living Rooms

If marble or stark white tiles aren’t within your style, try using a white wood-look porcelain tile like Smart Tanzania White. Isn’t it lovely? Installing the tile both vertically and horizontally adds a fun flair to this living area. Black accessories can easily be replaced with your favorite color to bring your own pop to the room.


Try brightening up your room with Rivoli. This gorgeous floor tile has stylish light grey veins running through it, is available in 4 different sizes,  and can be used on floors, walls, and even in the shower.


While decorating with white, consider showcasing artwork, antiques, a favorite piece of furniture or maybe that stunning fireplace you recently added. All eyes will go right to your one-of-a-kind design!