6 Reasons To Choose Porcelain Tile

There are countless surfaces to choose for flooring so why choose porcelain tile? Not only is porcelain tile gorgeous it is superior for a myriad of reasons. Each manufacturer has their own recipe for porcelain tile but clay is always the star ingredient along with items such as sand, feldspar, quartz and water. Though tiles were once made by hand and dried in the sun or fired in a small kiln, today’s tiles are created from super-fine porcelain clay and fired at very high temperatures, resulting in dense, tough tiles.

Low Maintenance

Porcelain tile requires no special floor cleaner and spills can easily be wiped up. It can be cleaned with clear water and a soap-less pH neutral liquid cleaner. Porcelain tile won’t freeze, fade or crack due to cold weather which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. It also offers increased slip resistance over standard tiles. Our River Silver tile is a stunning example of a low maintenance tile.

River Silver

Naturally Resistant to Stains

Choose porcelain tile for its natural resistance to stains and dirt penetration. It’s also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. According to the Tile Council of North America porcelain is naturally dense which means it’s harder to penetrate and is ideal for areas exposed to moisture. Portofino Pulido is shown here and is an outstanding choice for floor to ceiling porcelain tile coverage.

Portofino Pulido

Choose Porcelain for Personality

Porcelain tile elevates a living space and suits just about every personality and demand in a home, whether low-traffic or high-traffic; whether used in a great room, foyer or placed in a luxury master suite. Though all porcelain tiles add personality and flair, consider using Calacata Gold with its luscious gold ribbons running through it.

Calacata Gold

Finishing Touches

Think of glaze as the frosting on the cake. Glaze is that glassy looking substance on one side of the tile which doubles as a protective coating. Glaze can be matte, high-gloss, refined or textured and add color and personality to a space. Sochi Blanco Polished offers a lovely polished tile with a rich glossy look thanks to the stunning ribbons of gold running through it.

Durable and Adaptable

Sochi Blanco Pulido

Earthen clays combined with water and transformed by fire are what makes porcelain tile exceptionally durable. It’s also non-flammable, anti-bacterial and emits no VOC’s. Thanks to its durability, porcelain tile is also ideal in outdoor settings.

Baltimore Natural


Porcelain tile is timeless and has a longer lifespan than other flooring products and can be customized for every decorating challenge. It’s ideal whether for a busy family, an active household or an elegant business setting.

Porcelain tile is available in a myriad of sizes—from small five-inch tiles to large-format tiles. When you choose porcelain tile, you’re choosing a timeless design option that mimics various natural materials like wood, marble, granite, steel and even cement. It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.