Air Slate Installation

XLIGHT Premium – Savage Dark

XLIGHT Premium: Transportation, Handling, Installation & Cleaning

XLIGHT Premium – Kala White

Shower Deck System by Butech

Vintage Collection by L’Antic Colonial and Yonoh

Tono : A Bathroom Collection by Porcelanosa Grupo & Foster+Partners

Vitae : The Bathroom Concept Revolution by Zaha Hadid

KRION® Thermoforming

KRION® Impact Resistance

KRION® Seamless Joints

KRION® Surface Regeneration | Scratches

KRION® Surface Regeneration | Stains

KRION® Fire Resistance

KRION® Solid Surface

Remodel Envy – Porcelanosa Advertisement

Air Slate Selection Installation

Sanahuja & Partners’ Signature Space for L’Antic Colonial

Jestico + Whiles’ Signature Space for L’Antic Colonial

Cardete & Huet’s Signature Space for L’Antic Colonial

Jahn’s Signature Space for L’Antic Colonial

Francesc Rife’s Signature Space for L’Antic Colonial

Piet Boon’s Signature Space for L’Antic Colonial

Faces & Minim by Ramón Esteve

Porcelanosa at Oxfam Trailwalker

Porcelanosa’s 22nd Exhibition

Porcelanosas 40th Anniversary

‘Emotions’ Kitchens Production

Porcelanosa Sensations

Porcelanosa Corporate Video: 40 Years

Santigao Manent discusses Porcelanosa bathtubs

The Evolution kitchen by Gamadecor

Gamadecor Kitchens – News 2014

Men{H}ir Collection by estudi{H}ac

Par-ker, Ceramic Parquet

Ston-ker, Ceramic Stone

Novelties PORCELANOSA Grupo 21st International Exhibition

Zen Bathroom Basin

PORCELANOSA Group: Mood Collection by Noken (short version)

Mood Collection by Noken

Noken: Architecture & Design for Contemporary Bathrooms

Reforming processes with XLight

Linkfloor, Vinyl Covering

Installation process of XLight

Ventilated Facade Projects

Cli-ker System by Butech

Ventilated Facades & Krion

Laying Wood Mosaics

Installing Linkfloor on the Wall

Installing Linkfloor on the Floor

Self-Levelling Spacers

Installation of the Fusion Brick 3D Mosaic

Ecostyledeck Decking

Installation of the Hexcube Mosaic

Raised Access Floor for Outdoor Areas