Urbatek & XLIGHT Through Body Porcelain

Urbatek & XLIGHT - Through Body

Urbatek and XLIGHT are two different collections of through body porcelain tiles and oversized and extra thin porcelain tiles that are conceived to meet the needs of professionals from the worlds of architecture and design. As a result, these porcelain tiles combine the very best of through body porcelain tile with the versatility of the lightweight, thin and oversized technology with all the elegance, varying finishes and patterns found on natural stone. Urbatek and XLIGHT are both well regarded for being a through body porcelain tile range, making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Urbatek and XLIGHT are two of the outcomes of the group’s constant efforts in the field of specialized tile product development. This range of through body porcelain tiles was developed to meet the most exacting technical standards in architecture and design projects. With a high-performance range in a multitude of formats and finishes, it is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor porcelain tile applications.