Modern Mosaics and Entry Ways

A modern entry way can immediately capture the eye and complement the décor of a home. It can also add more fascinating elements to a home, creating a remarkable design. An entry way can be suited to any style by choosing from a variety of mosaics. Made through ecofriendly processes, these naturals can be transformed into […]

Featured Projects: Restaurants

Our restaurant projects all feature a combination of different products, which have created attractive and charming looks for each space. Having their own desired styles, these restaurants have been enhanced to fit the needs of the owners and clients. The Granary in Mount Pleasant, SC was done with our Nox Corten Nature XLIGHT panels, used […]

What’s Trending: Elements of White

The summer season gives the chance to enhance your space and let the light in. Adding elements of white to a room gives a cool, yet gentle touch. White brings simplicity to a room, and is complemented by natural lighting which creates a light and refreshing environment. Certain tiles have simpler designs, but have an […]

Porcelanosa’s Commitment to Sustainability

Since the beginning, Porcelanosa has taken on a prominent role in environmental awareness. The continuation of the EcoProject supports this cause through products that are not only advanced, but also environmentally friendly. In the creation of these products, we are able to conserve valuable resources and minimize waste. These resources of energy, air, and water […]