Project Feature: Chicago’s Verizon Flagship Store

Our latest project feature showcases Chicago’s Verizon Flagship Store. Located on Michigan Avenue, this project integrates signage inspired by the Chicago area, with different Porcelanosa products, which created a futuristic and sleek look. Along with designed merchandise areas for specific products, this Verizon flagship store will attract many different customers. Upon entering, customers are exposed to […]

Vanity Inspiration for Contemporary Bathrooms

When designing a contemporary bathroom, there are many different pieces that can be incorporated in order to create this elegant, yet simplistic look. Along with choosing the right wall and floor tiles, take some extra time to focus on accent pieces such as different bathroom fixtures. These accessories play a large part in creating your […]

Porcelanosa’s Bath Products Featured in Morpholio Board

Morpholio and Porcelanosa are sharing a nature inspired bath during this month’s inspiration board! What better way to encourage calmness and peace than to harness the healing and cleansing power of nature.  This nature inspired bath features products that have relaxing tones such as the Samara Tub and Azrama Double Vanity, which will deepen your connection […]

Morpholio’s TracePro App Featured in Apple Keynote

Apple’s Keynote speech discusses the upcoming and revolutionary changes being brought to Apple products, including applications that will benefit greatly from these updates. During the keynote speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook showed the new features on the upcoming iPad Pro. Featured in the speech was Morpholio’s TracePro application, which has been upgraded to assist architects […]