Crema Grecia Clasico

The Beauty of Natural Products

Natural Stones are a highly a qualified product used at Porcelanosa, and a gift from nature. They offer different color variations and are extremely resistant. However, natural stones are not perfect as any other product. When delivered to the customer these products might have fissures, small cracks on them or perhaps slightly different shades of […]

Colors Mosaic/LoungeMirror

The Mosaic & the Mirror

Mosaics are one of the most extravagant and luxurious products we offer at Porcelanosa. It is a great choice for walls and floors due to their texture, structure and vivid colors. Installing a mosaic anywhere in the house is like owning a piece of fine art to constantly look at; however, applying this type of […]

On Beige Nature

Porcelanosa in St. Clair, Canada

This residential building located in the avenue of St. Clair in Toronto, Canada carries Porcelanosa’s brand and has become one of our recent projects. The façade of this building is designed with one of our most decorative ceramic tile: On Beige Nature On Beige Nature shows simplicity and peace. It’s a very light color that […]

Raised access flooring

Raised Access Flooring: Discover the New System

Porcelanosa’s raised access flooring system is one of the greatest building solutions provided to our customers. Usually, floor tiles are applied by previously preparing a subfloor over which the new floor tiles will be installed. On the other hand, this system allows the tiles to be raised from the floor and create an empty space. Butech […]