Parker - wood porcelain

Parker Wood porcelain TilePorcelanosa is a global leader and a trend setter in the manufacture of porcelain tiles. Our wide offering of wood looking colored body porcelain tiles Par-ker series is suitable for any contemporary or traditional style. Specialized in large size and different widths of wood looking porcelain tiles in the various tile textures and tile finishes, the Parker series of colored body wood looking porcelain tiles, thanks to the ongoing efforts in research and development and Porcelanosa’s excellent standards of quality make possible realistic looks of the different wood species suitable for indoor or outdoor exterior wood porcelain applications in some options thanks to its anti-slip finish’ Beautiful as wood, convenient as tile. Up to now, ceramic tiles were made up of two well-differentiated layers arranged one on top of the other: the tile body and the superposed glazed layer, which is the visible surface, Today, Porcelanosa is in a position to release a new product with a unique, homogenous structure and an indivisible morphology; Parker.