A New Ventilated Facade Decorates the Mead School in CT

The Mead School located in Stamford, Connecticut, opened up its doors to Porcelanosa to be included as one of its projects. Due to our exterior design expertise, we were granted the opportunity to refurbish the school’s exterior façade and be fully connected with the school.

For this project, our special XLight Concrete Black tiles were provided to cover 250 square meters. They are in perfect combination with the school atmosphere as they are waterproof, frost and stain resistant. Their easy installation system comes from the lightness and seamless tile features.  Moreover, the advantages of XLight ventilated facades are beyond excellent due to the “chimney effect” which maintains the building cold in summer and hot in winter. Additionally, XLight materials reduce the outside noise and comply with Porcelanosa’s environmentally friendly principles.

The Mead School is addressed to children from nursery and preschool to 8th grade and hosts approximately 110 students that are every day witnesses of the luxurious aesthetics and quality of our products.